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NOTE FOR PERSONAL AND BUSINESS FILINGS: Jasper County will not accept emailed renditions, please mail or file online to complete your assessment. Thank You.

Welcome to the Jasper County Assessor’s website. We hope you will find this site informative and very easy to use. If you should encounter any problems, please contact Lisa’s office for assistance at the numbers below.

Lisa Perry was appointed to office on December 01, 2020. Lisa started in the Assessor’s office back in 1999 and held the Chief Deputy position since January 01, 2008 until her appointment. Lisa is dedicated to performing her job to the best of her ability working alongside her employees. Lisa has kept the taxpayer as her top priority in staying within compliance with State Statutes. Timely filing of assessment list saves penalties being assessed to the taxpayer while complying with State Statutes regarding those penalties. Assessment list are mailed out the first part of January of each year and are due by March 1st without penalty. Lisa is pleased to offer the ability to file those assessment sheets online by using the pin number from the taxpayers mailed assessment sheet.

We sincerely hope you find this site easy to navigate and that it provides a service to you. Thank you for visiting the site. We welcome suggestions. Please revisit and watch for new additions in the future.

Non-Assessment Information

A statement of non-assessment, also called a tax waiver, indicates a specific person, business or corporation does not owe any personal property taxes for a specified tax year. A tax waiver is vehicle specific and only used to license a vehicle. You may be entitled to a waiver if you are one of the following:
* A new resident to the state.
* This is the first vehicle you have ever owned or have had titled in your name.
* You did not own any personal property on January 1st of the prior year.
* You are military and your home of record is not Missouri.
* You lease a vehicle, and the leasing company has paid the personal property tax on that vehicle.
* In order to qualify, we must bring your vehicle title or current registration to the vehicle or vehicles you are needing to tag into the office.
* We do not except emailed copies or request.

Personal Property Information

1. You must be a resident of Jasper County, Missouri. If you are a resident of the State of Missouri, but not Jasper County, you must register and pay in the county you reside in January 1st of the tax year.

2. You must own some type of vehicle on January 1st of any given year. (Examples: cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, trailers, and historic vehicles, or older models). Vehicles in your possession that are not running are taxable unless they are being used for parts. Taxes must be paid on anything that can be licensed.

3. Your personal property tax is based on the value of the vehicles you owned January 1st of the tax year. It is not based on the number of vehicles you own. Even if you no longer own the vehicles, even if you now own different vehicles, or if you now own no vehicles, you pay tax based on what you owned the first day of the year. The value of the vehicles is established by the county Assessor, using a state approved book.

4. If your vehicle was purchased after January 1st of this year it should not be listed on this year's tax statement. Also most leased vehicles are paid by the lease company.

5. You are responsible for filling out and turning in as Assessment Sheet at the beginning of each year in the Assessor's Office. If you fail to do this you will not receive a tax statement at the end of the year and you will be liable for penalties incurred for not turning an Assessment Sheet in on time.

6. You should receive as Assessment Sheet to fill out on or before January 15th of any given year. If you have not received one by this date, notify the Assessor's Office at 417-358-0437 to find out the reason why. You are liable for all penalties. Failure to receive your tax statement does not relieve obligation of paying taxes with penalties.

7. If you are separated or in the process of divorce during any year after which you have filled out an Assessment on January 1, you must work out who is to pay the entire bill for that year. Assessment Sheets may be filled out separately for the following year.

Business Personal Property Information

1. Every business that operates in the state of Missouri is required to assess and pay Business Personal Property Taxes. RSMo 137.340

2. Any item used to conduct business is taxable including personal items that are used for the purpose of conducting business. The only exception to this would be vehicles used by a business but titled in a personal name. Vehicles are assessed based on the name on the title. RSMo 137.122

3. Businesses should receive as Assessment Sheet to fill out on or before January 15th of any given year. If you have not received one by this date, please contact the Assessor's Office at 417-358-0437.

4. Assessments are based on what is owned by or under control of or used by the business on January 1 of the current year. Do not list anything acquired after January 1.

5. To avoid listing each item on the form, an itemized list that includes the year the item was acquired, a brief description, and the original cost may be attached to the assessment sheet.

6. Assessments are due by March 1st of the current year. Any assessment received after March 1st may have a late assessment penalty applied.

7. Failure to return an assessment will result in an arbitrary amount being assigned to the account. That amount will not be changed without a proper itemized list being turned in.

Salon owners are responsible for assessing the contents of the entire salon. The owner is responsible for the full amount of the taxes.

Owners of rental or leasing facilities are required to provide a list by January 30 of the current year of all lessees located at the facility on January 1 of the current year. RSMo 137.092

Office Information

Contact Us
Real Estate Phone Number: 417-358-0440
Personal Property Phone Number: 417-358-0437
Business Personal Property Phone Number: 417-358-0437

Office Hours
Jasper County Assessor's office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30-4:30.

The Jasper County Assessor's office observes state holidays.

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